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Cashflow Management

The lifeblood of any business, we have the proven track record and expertise to implement systems including technology automation to ensure that your cashflow gets back under control.  By freeing your cashflow up, it allows you and your staff to focus on delivering excellent, human centred services.

Business Efficiency

Businesses can run inefficiently quite successfully.  But an efficient business is a more profitable business and one that is able to manoeuvre through changes and keep up with trends.  Bizee prides itself on improving business efficiency, be it through a robust procedure or utilising technology.

Tech Implementation

Technology is constantly changing and there are literally thousands of apps developed every week. Bizee Managers are constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends in apps and will develop a plan considering the whole ecosystem and your objectives and work with your business to implement it effectively.

Regulatory Compliance

Workcover, ASIC, the ATO, SRO, insurances; whatever the regulatory body is, are you sure you are up to date with the requirements for your business?  Bizee take the hassle out of compliance and reduce your risk because it is our business to know your business and what responsibilities there are. Rest easily knowing that Bizee Managers are up to date and compliant with regulatory compliance.

Workplace Culture

The modern workplace is a vastly different one to that of the 20th century.  Workplace culture and how to get the best out of your staff is constantly changing.  We are always keeping up to date with the best of practice trends around culture and can work with you to implement them in your business to ensure that your most valuable resource is happy, efficient and loyal.

Human resources

From employment contracts, to award calculations, to hiring the best talent, Bizee Managers have the expertise to help small business owners in the area of Human Resources.  We can even process payroll, make superannuation contributions and ensure that annual leave is processed efficiently which gives you more time to focus on growing your business and services your customers.

MBA Qualified Managers ready
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our philosophy

We are humans first and foremost and interactions between humans working together in teams leads to greater success.  Translating this human collaboration and building sustainable processes is key to business success.  It is this underpinning philosophy that guides Bizee Managers.

We have a proven track record in business management, change management, workplace culture improvement and business performance improvement. Bizee Managers are MBA qualified professionals dedicated to improving your business health by helping you utilise your human resources more effectively and build robust processes that ensure you sustain the competitive edge.  We help Accounting Firms and small businesses alike. We are passionate developers of human potential and assist accounting firms and businesses by providing ideas, strategies and services to improve business outcomes.



Be it attending one of our free business workshops, registering for our free Bizee Ideas subscription or sharing information on employee wellbeing, Bizee aims to be a melting pot for human centred business ideas.

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Bizee Managers work with you in your business to help you achieve your strategic objectives.  Whether it is offering an independent perspective, offering strategies on a culture change improvement or assisting with Business strategy improvement, Bizee Managers are your partners in every part of your business.

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With a vast range of business strategy and operations services, Bizee Managers love getting into the ‘trenches’ with business owners and help actually deploy their strategy.  From Change Management to daily accounts functions, we have a holistic business support service on offer.

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