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With a proven track record in Executive level business management, change management, process optimisation and business performance improvement, we are MBA qualified professionals dedicated to help your business grow to the next level. Using the fractional or incremental management method, we work within your business in the C-Suite at a frequency that your business can accommodate.

Frequently asked questions

A fractional CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, is a financial expert who provides CFO services to a business on a part-time or as-needed basis. This arrangement is particularly popular among small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or startups that need high-level financial expertise but do not require a full-time CFO at their stage of the business.

A fractional General Manager (GM) is similar in concept to a fractional CFO but focuses on broader organisational management rather than just financial aspects. This role involves a part-time or temporary executive who manages the entire operations for a business that does not require a full-time GM.

Our fractional C-Suite advisor (either CFO or GM) will work deeply within your business much like we would if we were employed by the business.  This means we will work deeper than a consultant, but allow the business to not be constrained by employment.  We quote on what we believe the support the business requires and can afford in consultation with the Founder/Business owner.

All successful businesses experience growing pains.  The Founder/Business owner has the vision and generally wears many hats, but typically, few have the qualifications and experience to optimise business operations or financial performance.  This is where we step in.  We free up the Founder to be able to continue to focus on the revenue side of the business, whilst we make sure the ‘trains run on time’ and ‘plug all the holes in the cashflow bucket’ during the transition between Founder and full time GM/CFO.


To provide bespoke, ethical and timely services to small businesses in the areas of strategy development; strategy implementation; and fractional management support.

Our Services

Our services are centred around the transitional growth time of a business.  This is when the Founder can no longer operate without a C-Suite executive to keep the business growing, but does not have the capacity for a full time executive.  Our fractional C-Suite services fill this gap; allowing a business to take advantage of the qualifications and experience of a C-Suite level advisor, but on a frequency that still enables the business to grow.  Once the business requires a full time executive, our job is done!

Why choose us?

Diverse experience

With 20 years’ experience in business, coupled with military and education backgrounds, we have extensive knowledge across a number of different business contexts. Having worked with a number of small businesses, we understand business operations better than most. This includes everything from admin, financial management, operational improvement, technology, people & culture and everything in between.

Executive level decision making

With both Executive level MBA qualifications and Officer military training, we possess that level of decisiveness that is required to operate at this level.  Having also current and past experience in CEO and Board member roles, we understand exactly how all the pieces fit together. We understand quickly what is required to be completed and how best to complete it.

High performing teams experience

Having led teams since the age of 14, we have been able to lead high performing teams with great success in military, community, education and business contexts.  We understand how best to engage a team and motivate them around a shared purpose using a highly effective and engaging communication style. But more importantly, we know how to teach others how to do this too.

We are selective and loyal

Our skillset and experience is very unique – meaning that our ability to scale is limited.  This means that we need to be selective about who we work with.  The plus side to that means that when you engage us, we remain loyal to you as long as you need us.  We also are able to dive deeper into your business and provide you the level of support you require, without feeling like you are ‘on the clock’.

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