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With a proven track record in Executive level business management, change management, process optimisation and business performance improvement, we are MBA qualified professionals dedicated to improving your overall firm performance by leveraging technology. We focus on three key areas being people, process and technology and take advantage of our ability to strategise, ideate, disseminate and communicate to improve performance.

Understanding your people

High performance is produced by your people. We look at how they are being reported on, how they are being managed and offer insights into how to improve this.

Understanding your processes

Great people need great processes to perform. That's why we spend the time analysing your processes and collaborating with your team in order to optimise them to their full potential.

Understanding your technology

Technology is intertwined with people and process and we ensure that you are leveraging technology automation to get the most out of your performance.

Accountability and coaching

Above all else, we hold you and your team accountable - this is the essence of high performance. We are your independent high performance coach.


To provide bespoke, reliable and timely services to small and mid-tier accounting firms in the areas of performance, process, and technology advisory.

Our Services

Our services are centred around improving performance of accounting firms by focusing on three key areas being PEOPLE, PROCESS, TECHNOLOGY.  We aim to put time back in the Partners’ day so they can focus on clients knowing that their vision is being held accountable and that their team are well supported and performing at a high level, using technology.  Each service is engaged on a retainer base, meaning that we can fully embed ourselves within your business to ensure success.

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