Fractional CTO services
(Chief Technology Officer)

Staying ahead of the latest technology trends and leveraging them to drive success can be a challenge. That’s where our Fractional CTO services come in by allowing a business to stay up to date with the latest innovations in industry, whilst allowing owners to focus on revenue generation.  

Our fractional CTO services help you stay ahead on technological trends

Our fractional CTO, or Chief Technology Officer services, provide technological leadership in a part-time or temporary capacity. This is particularly important for small businesses that require expert guidance in developing and managing their technology strategies but do not require or cannot afford a full-time CTO. In today’s tech-driven business environment where deploying the right technology can significantly impact success, it is important to have the right team in your business.

Our fractional CTO services include:

Technology strategy

We can develop and implement a strategic technology plan that aligns with overall business goals, ensuring that technolgoy investments add value and provide a competitive edge.

System architecture

We will design or improve the technology infrastructure and systems to support business operations efficiently and effectively.

Vendor and project management

We will manage relationships with technology vendors including MSP's and oversee technology projects to ensure they are delivered on time and within budget.

Risk management

Working with an MSP, we will assess and manage technology related risks including cybersecurity threats and data privacy issues.

But most importantly, unlimited phone and email support included!

Don't just take our word for it

What makes us different

Diverse experience

With 20 years’ experience in business, coupled with military and education backgrounds, we have extensive knowledge across a number of different business contexts. Having worked with a number of small businesses, we understand business operations better than most. This includes everything from admin, financial management, operational improvement, technology, people & culture and everything in between.

Executive level decision making

With both Executive level MBA qualifications and Officer military training, we possess that level of decisiveness that is required to operate at this level.  Having also current and past experience in CEO and Board member roles, we understand exactly how all the pieces fit together. We understand quickly what is required to be completed and how best to complete it.  Our project management experience is highly regarded.

Technologically curious

We work closely with a number of app partners today, enabling us to deep dive into the application to understand it better. But furthermore, we are constantly searching the environment for fun, because we love to do it!  When the latest and greatest app is launched, we are generally some of the early adopters, exploring and testing to see how it can improve things.  We love setting up automations to optimise operations!

We are selective and loyal

Our skillset and experience is very unique – meaning that our ability to scale is limited.  This means that we need to be selective about who we work with.  The plus side to that means that when you engage us, we remain loyal to you as long as you need us.  We also are able to dive deeper into your business and provide you the level of support you require, with the ability to scale up and down as you require.

How does that sound? Ready to take the next step in achieving success?