Learn ways to implement your strategy while 'refilling your cup'.

Introducing the Bizeeness Retreat

Creating a space for you to learn and reflect on your strategy execution

The biggest issue for business is not developing an idea or strategy, but in its execution.  This is why we created the Bizeeness Strategy Retreat.

Instead of focusing on your strategy development, we focus on it’s implementation by providing practical guidance and tips on how you can implement your developed business stategy to generate real outcomes.  We do this through a carefully selected agenda of content focused on strategy implementation in a collaborative, small group environment in a location away from the distractions of the day-to-day grind.  

With ample opportunity to reflect and recharge and armed with practical actions from the retreat, you will return to your business ready to execute your amazing strategy and acheive the results you desire.

Frequently asked questions

No, we know that there are a heap of other workshops and information out there on developing your strategy.  We instead focus on providing practical steps on implementing that strategy that turn it from a bunch of words on a page to executed actions.

In our experience, poor strategy execution is the single biggest reason businesses either fail or do not grow.  So much has been written and delivered on developing your strategy, but little provide practical steps on how to move your strategy from paper to reality.  The Bizeeness Retreat will provide actionable outcomes for you to take back to your business in order to implement your strategy.

We know business owners are busy.  But it also means that they are so busy that they forget they need to time block time to work ‘on the business’ rather than in it.  So we consciously decided to hold our Retreats mid-week to help with this time blocking.  Additionally, each Retreat group is comprised of business owners and leaders and the Retreat success is a direct result of the collaboration that takes place.  So we only want those that take it seriously enough to invest their time, but not eat into family time.

We all need to refill our cup in order to be focused on delivering strategy.  Nature has a way to do this just by being present in its existence.  We remove the distractions of everyday business life and have curated an agenda that enables us to refill the cup, whilst learning and collaborating along the way.  This includes personal reflection, campfire detox, bushwalks and mindfulness sessions.

Why attend?

Our Bizeeness Strategy Retreats are a unique way to learn about strategy implementation and offer the ability for attendees to:


We have carefully curated a focused agenda of content that enables you to reflect on your business strategy and create actionable tasks in order to implement it effectively. Topics include: Communication; Empowering others; Measuring success; and Project Management and reporting.


As well as practical outcomes, our Retreat agenda allows ample time to reflect on your business strategy so that you can look at it from a number of different lenses.  Only by connecting the correct strategy with a disciplined execution plan will it go from theory to reality.


Learning from others in group experiences is a powerful tool. We only facilitate maximum group sizes of 10 to ensure that it is large enough to gain experiences and perspective from others, but intimate enough to foster deeper relationships. All attendees are either business owners or leaders themselves.


What sets us apart is our focus on recharging your batteries whilst learning. This is why we choose nature based locations and why our agenda is balanced accordingly. You will feel your shoulders drop by the end of the two days and be armed with a tangible action plan ready to ensure your business strategy is implemented.

Meet your facilitator

Our retreats are facilitated by the Founder of Bizee Management Solutions: Arron Skillen.  Arron has a wide level of experience in both business strategy and management in a variety of contexts.  He is a former ADF serving officer, with a Bachelor of Education and an Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School and started Bizee Management Solutions in 2019 with the aim of helping small business owners run their business.  With C-Suite and General Management experience, and a highly regarded approach to project management, delivery and engagement, he saw the need to pass on this knowledge to other business leaders; so Bizeeness Strategy Retreats was born. 

Want to find out more before investing?

We’d be happy to have a chat and see if our retreats are right for you.

Your Investment

We know you will love our Bizeeness Strategy Retreats because we have aimed to provide as much value as possible.  Your investment is not only an investment in your business, but an investment in your professional development and self-care.  Actionable business outcomes; time to reflect and perfect and recharging the battery all in one.


Excl GST

Our retreats are limited to 10 places only, so don’t miss out on your chance to learn, reflect, collaborate and recharge.


About the location

Our next Bizeeness Strategy Retreat will be held at Lancemore Macedon Ranges; located just over an hour from Melbourne CBD.  Lancemore Macedon Ranges is a 4 star hotel and is equipped with the necessary facilities to accommodate learning, but also enables us to escape the city and breathe the fresh air.  With a delicious gourmet menu, luxurious rooms and plenty of reflective space, it is our go to destination for our Retreats.