Project based workforce – the future of the modern business

Project based workforce

As a millennial, I have always questioned why the current 9am-5pm, at the office job format is still used. Sure, it has been a successful format for 150+ years.  But to keep great talent in the quick changing, modern world, businesses need to do more than just providing flexi-hours. Project based work is the future and is something that businesses can adopt in their business plans to retain excellent talent.

The gig economy market provides short term ‘gig’s to workers. Some examples of this emerging market include power players such as AirTasker and Uber.  These types of companies provide a platform for workers to engage with customers on their terms.  Whilst it may be a little more difficult for service based businesses to adopt this model, there is still potential for it.

In a recent TED talk by Expert360 CEO Bridget Loudon, the concept of project based work formats is explained. Expert360 is an ‘AirTasker’ for professionals (which we are a member of) and is a great initiative for both businesses and workers alike.  It allows businesses to gain access to a broader talent pool without being tied down to employment conditions. But it allows workers the flexibility to pick and choose projects to work on; a great win-win.

At Bizee, we provide a project based workforce. It allows workers to have the flexibility to pursue their dreams, be it professional or personal.  If you think your business could benefit from a project based workforce, but are unsure on where to start, we can help with your planning and execution.  Get in touch with us today to find out how.



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