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Small Business

Small business owners are some of the hardest working people in the world.  Not only do they need to service their clients or continually develop their product, they need to ensure that they have enough money to run the business, deal with suppliers, hire employees, keep an eye on industry trends, oh and try to find time for family! Truth is, small business owners go into business because they love the challenge of delivering for their customers without the constraints of a boss. But unless they have formalised business education, things get missed.

How we help small businesses

The first step is to run a health check to see how your business is performing.  With decades of experience in businesses, we have the tools to be able to assess your business and how it is operating very quickly.  This will then allow us to formulate a plan for you to roll out in improving, or leveraging your efficiencies.  It is full, comprehensive report covering a number of key areas.

The lifeblood of any business, we have implemented systems to ensure that your cashflow gets back under control. With a proven track record in reducing accounts receivable, Bizee Managers understand cashflow management from budgeting to debtor collection. Getting your finances back under control is our priority number 1.  Furthermore, understanding the timing of asset investment is critical to operations. Bizee Managers can analyse your business to determine this timing and have the network in place to fund it.  We offer a full virtual CFO service.

Be it making a small change to a policy or procedure; making wholesale changes to technology environment or even moving offices, Bizee Managers have seen a lot of situations and are able to project manage to ensure whatever change is made, that it is made successfully and effectively.  The hardest part of change management is getting your staff on board…but with our human centred training models, we make this transition less stressful.

Technology and app development has exploded and affects modern business.  Our difference is not only being able to identify an app that would work within your business, but how it interacts with your entire operating environment.  Not looking at an app in isolation and planning for the entire environment is what sets us apart from the ‘IT Crowd’.

Human Resources is a vital part of business, however it is an area that when operated without specialised expertise, can be a massive risk to the business.  Keeping up to date with obligations, changes to legislation and ensuring employment contracts are current are all stumbling blocks that can trip up business owners.  Bizee Managers reduce this risk by managing the HR functions for you and have a proven track record at effective HR management including staff development.

Even the best staff can fail if the policies and procedures of the business are not sufficient.  With decades of experience in delivering adaptive procedures to optimise efficiency, Bizee can draft and/or implement any operational procedure and provide change management and review to ensure it is running effectively.

Knowing when supplier contracts are due to expire and what is included in them is key to being successful in business.  The fine details matter and unless business owners have had experience in looking for these fine details, then opportunities can be missed.  Bizee has successfully negotiated thousands of supplier contracts and know exactly what to look for and can manage this process.

Keeping up to date with what is happening in your industry takes time; having another person to bounce an idea off is rare as well.  Bizee Managers are constantly looking at business trends, industry trends and global trends to ensure that their client businesses are staying ahead of the curve.

Case study

Owner M owns two small businesses.  One being a car wash business and the other a regional charter air business.  They were using Excel sheets and Word document templates for their accounts management and dealt primarily in cash.  A Bizee Manager came on board and helped out getting things in order.

First move, we converted the businesses to Xero – setting up the file from scratch and importing in previous transactions.  We then provided training with the owner on how to handle the day to day stuff initially, but then set up the automation so that 80% of the work is automated – leaving them to simply concentrate on giving excellent customers service to their customers.  By doing this, it has seen their businesses grow large enough to employ staff.

As we understand the regulatory compliance required to run a business, we worked with the owner in setting up requirements such as payroll, automatic superannuation payments, payroll tax, workers insurance and more.  Plus, we were on hand to answer any and all questions that the owners had when they arose.

Currently, we are continuing to help the owner with their cashflow management and developing their business acumen understanding of concepts.  They have shown great growth by simply focusing on their customers and allowing us to concentrate on their ‘back of house’ automation and compliance.  Soon, we will be working on a business strategy for the future, but that’s the next chapter.

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