Performance Coaching
(Chief Performance Officer)

Our performance coaching (or Chief Performance Officer) service focuses on your people and how they are being managed and performing that could open up a world of opportunity to your firm. 

Improve Your Business Performance with our Performance Management Coaching Services

At Bizee, we understand that effective business performance management is essential to driving success. That’s why we offer performance management coaching services that are designed to help you improve your business performance.  You’ve read our success story; let’s write yours!

Our experienced coaches work one-on-one with you and your firm to develop a customised coaching plan that is tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Our business performance management coaching services include:

Management analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your management practices to identify areas for improvement.

Coaching sessions

We provide ongoing coaching sessions to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to manage your business effectively.

Goal setting

We work with you to set clear, achievable, and measurable goals, including the required reporting framework that will help you drive success.


As we hold regular meetings, we hold you and your team accountable for your progress, so you stay focused and motivated.

But most importantly, unlimited phone and email support included!

What makes us different

Diverse experience

With 20 years’ experience in business; coupled with military and education backgrounds, we have extensive knowledge across a number of different business contexts. Having worked with a number of small to mid-tier firms, we understand firm operations better than most. This includes everything from admin, to compliance file preparation, workpapers; to advisory workflows and all everything between.

Executive level decision making

With both Executive level MBA qualifications and Officer military training, we possess that level of decisiveness that is required to operate at this level.  Having also current and past experience in CEO and Board member roles, we understand exactly how all the pieces fit together. We understand quickly what is required to be completed and how best to complete it.  

High performing teams experience

Having led teams since the age of 14, we have been able to lead high performing teams with great success in military, community, education and business contexts.  We understand how best to engage a team and motivate them around a shared purpose using a highly effective and engaging communication style. But more importantly, we know how to teach others how to do this too.

We are selective and loyal

Our skill set and experience are very unique. This means that our ability to scale is limited, and we need to be selective about who we work with.  The plus side of that means that when you engage us, we remain loyal to you as long as you need us.  We also are able to dive deeper into your business and provide you the level of support you require, without feeling like you are ‘on the clock’.

A story and experience on performance management

My story on performance management dates back to my Air Force days.  Officer’s Training School was a great breeding ground for emerging leaders.  We were taught how to best motivate a team around a shared vision and purpose whilst enduring highly stressful situations.  We learnt the balance between motivation and support; between pushing boundaries and burnout; and most importantly, that without excellent communication, high performance cannot be achieved.

I have taken these learnings of communication, support, guidance and accountablity into every situation in my life since.  But it has been my work as a Practice Manager and as CEO that have really put these learnings to the test.  Not only was I responsible for bringing the team along on the journey, I also had to bring Partners and Board members along too.  This proved to be quite the litmus test for my method as both groups have differing priorities.  This was none more evident during COVID when the prevailing ‘work from home’ policies were enacted.  How do we best extract performance from the team when they may be distracted from home?

This was valuable experience for me.  We had a great team; a smart team; a motivated team.  But we also had great clients.  So the foundations were set.  All I needed to do was provide them the right guidance and give them to tools to succeed.  The challenge was on the Board side.  So, I demonstrated that with the right strategy, support and accountablity, we could actually exceed our targets.  The result in a 2 year span coming out of COVID: a 70% increase of normalised EBIT on a well established business and an overall enterprise valuation increase of 17%.  All while changing accounting software providers (process and technology) and moving offices.  Just an amazing example of what the right team can do when focused on performance.

How does that sound? Ready to take the next step in achieving success?