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We focus on our strength areas as listed below.  We can conduct a one off project consulting service; or act as an ongoing outsourced provider of the service; or our most popular method is advising and mentoring the business owner on an ongoing basis.  We can tailor any of our services to you and act as the independent business partner you need to succeed.

Cash Flow Management

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business. We have the proven track record and expertise to improve cashflow and financial understanding by implementing systems including technology automation, monthly management reports and dashboards, but even further, we take the time to spend with you and help you understand what it means, so you can make better business decisions. We even can help you with your business strategy planning and implementation.

Business growth strategies

Operating a business is one thing; being able to invest in the correct growth strategy is another.  Bizee Managers are qualified MBA’s which gives them the training and exposure to modern growth strategies to be able to best assist your business growth.  From how to leverage, to establishing an innovation culture, to understanding global economic forces, there is a wealth of knowledge to be tapped from when working on your next growth strategy.

Technology implementation

Technology is constantly changing and there are literally thousands of apps developed every week.  Some business owners are aware of apps and attempt to implement, however if they are not considering their objectives and total environment, then it can prove to be more of a hindrance than help.  Bizee Managers are constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends in apps and will develop a plan considering the whole ecosystem and work with your business to implement effectively.

Regulatory compliance

Workcover, ASIC, the ATO, SRO, insurances; whatever the regulatory body is, are you sure you are up to date with the requirements for your business?  Bizee take the hassle out of compliance and reduce your risk because it is our business to know your business and what responsibilities there are. Rest easily knowing that Bizee Managers are up to date and compliant with regulatory compliance.

Workplace culture

The modern workplace is a vastly different one to that of the 20th century.  Workplace culture and how to get the best out of your staff is constantly changing.  We are always keeping up to date with the best of practice trends around culture and can work with you to implement them in your business to ensure that your most valuable resource is happy, efficient and loyal.

Anything related to business

No matter what the question is related to your business, rest easily knowing that your Bizee Manager either knows the answer or can find the answer.  Knowing your business is our business, so Bizee has established a trusted network which can serve literally aspect of operating or expanding your business.

bespoke management services
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who we help

Working in your organisation with you, Bizee Managers bring MBA expertise combined with a passion for human development into your business in a combined effort to help you run your business more efficiently.  Unlike a consultant who will likely apply a template recommendation, we provide bespoke advice and work with you to implement the changes. Imagine having the expertise of an MBA in your business without the constraints and risks associated with employment.

Accounting Firms

Equipped with decades of industry experience, our Bizee Practice Managers are available on a project basis, meaning that once your project has been delivered, you have the option to review the engagement on an as needs basis.  This means you receive the quality and experience of a dedicated Practice Manager when you need it, without the overhead expense in quieter times. This mitigates your risk and adds greater value for you and your firm.

Small Business

Bizee Managers understand the stresses of running a business.  Having been trained by some of the best business schools in the world, our Managers work with and in your business to help you achieve your strategic objectives. Whether it is helping you negotiate asset leverage with your bank, or improving your business efficiency using technology, or just simply a resource to bounce an idea off, Bizee Managers are there as your business guide.

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